With The Property Shop, it’s easy to find the perfect rental property. We manage a wide selection of rental properties from farms to apartments to luxury residences.

Search our listings for available rental properties. Signup for rental alerts to be notified of any new and upcoming rental properties. Register your interest and our Leasing Officer will stay on the lookout for you. We also provide a list of inspection times for open houses.

Rental Application

Should you be interested in renting one of our properties you will need to complete a Rental Application Form including details of all those to be listed on the lease. It is crucial that all information provided is correct as all applications are fully checked prior to approval.

Rental Bonds

A Rental Bond is a standard component of most rental contracts. Typically, it will be of an amount equal to four (4) weeks rent. The Rental Bond must be paid in advance and is held in trust by the Rental Bond Board until the rental agreement is ended. The Rental Bond will then be refunded, provided the property is vacated in a satisfactory state with no damage.

Contacting Your Rental Property Manager

You can contact your Rental Property Manager directly by email or by calling our office on 6372 2222. Should you wish to visit the office to discuss any issues with a Rental Property Manager, it is important to arrange an appointment time as our Rental Property Managers are frequently out of the office conducting inspections.


The Property Shop offers convenient methods to pay your rent. It is your responsibility to pay rent in advance. Should you not be able to pay rent by the due date you must contact your Rental Property Manager. Please remember our Landlords have financial commitments to meet and they rely on rent being paid on time.


Should you rental property suffer any damage or require repairs, you must contact our office. For all general repairs, complete a repair request form and we will make appropriate arrangements. A rental tenant should only instigate repairs if a genuine emergency problem occurs outside of office hours. Please see your Residential Tenancy Agreement or Renting Guide Booklet to check what constitutes an emergency repair.

Routine Inspections

Our office will carry out periodic inspections on the rental property to ascertain the condition of the property and any necessary maintenance requirements. We are required to give you seven (7) days written notice on all occasions. This inspection also provides an opportunity for you to point out any problems or maintenance that you think may be necessary.

Breaking Your Tenancy Agreement

Should you wish to break your Tenancy Agreement you must pay rent until the property is relet to a suitable tenant or until the end of the Tenancy Agreement, whichever is sooner. You must also reimburse the Landlord for any reasonable costs (normally equal to the first weeks rent or as otherwise agreed) expended by our office in the process of securing a new tenant.

Giving Notice

Should you wish to terminate your Tenancy Agreement upon expiry of the fixed term we must receive written notice two (2) weeks prior to the end of your Tenancy Agreement. This notice can be given up to and including the last day of the fixed term of the Tenancy Agreement. If your Tenancy Agreement has expired three (3) weeks written notice is required.

Contents Insurance

It is your responsibility to insure your own belongings and furniture. We strongly recommend you take out contents insurance to protect against burglary and theft.